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Sustainable growth
With more than half a century of accumulated knowledge, Forssell Timber is one of Europes leading timber-exporting companies
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We got more then 50+ years of experience

As one of Europe’s foremost exporters of wood products to Japan, Forssell Timber has more than 55 years of collective industry experience and expertise. We handle marketing and sales for some of Sweden’s leading sawmill companies, including SCA Timber and Fiskarheden. In addition, we collaborate with a number of selected wood industries in Sweden

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A sustainable resource

There are many who incorrectly believe that Sweden’s forests, like other forests around the world, are being depleted. The forest in Sweden is growing by more than 100 million cubic meters every year, which vastly outstrips harvesting activities. Reforestation is an essential part of the forestry life cycle and a requirement that has existed since the early 1900s with the passing of Sweden’s first forestry act.

Welcome to Forssell Timber

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Europes largest private forrest owner

We are in charge of the Japanese sales and marketing operations for SCA Timber, one of Europe’s leading sawmill companies. SCA Timber, with whom we have worked since 2005, is a subsidiary to the forest products company SCA.

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Sweden’s largest family owned Nordic Red Pine producer and our own products

We represent Fiskerheden Trävaruaktiebolag, a family owned company established 1923.

To offer a wider specification, including components and special s4s items, we have also our own products produced by our network of sub-contractors who are able to meet the highest demands.

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The world’s leading Red Pine lamina exporter

We are the leading exporter of Red Pine Lamina for the glulam industry in Japan. We work with sawmills that use such cutting-edge technologies as x-ray to produce a raw material with high bending strength.

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The Swedish Legacy

Forssell Timber works exclusively with Swedish wood, a fact we are proud to tell all of our stakeholders about.

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About Us

Forssell Timber markets and sells wood products. We have built strong customer and supplier relationships on the basis of our 55+ years of collective experience and expertise. We handle marketing and sales in Japan for several leading sawmill companies, including SCA Timber and Fiskarheden, and collaborate with other wood product industries in Sweden. A total of four employees work at our Swedish office in Torebo, Orust and at our Japanese office in Tokyo.

Our extensive experience and long-term approach is the reason why we are today responsible for a large share of timber exports from Sweden to Japan. It is also why Forssell Timber has become one of Europe’s leading exporters of wood products to Japan.

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